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How to look for Free Udemy courses with Udemy 100 OFF coupons ?


Udemy is one of the largest and prime learning centers on the internet. Hosting almost every legit courses you can think of, Udemy has helped a huge number of learners to learn a certain skillset with relative ease than many other learning websites out there. But Udemy doesn’t offer its courses for free. Since Udemy Instructors make learning courses to sell them to students, while Udemy itself gets some commission in the whole process. Here we will show you how to get those Courses for free with UDEMY 100 OFF dork query.

Why Udemy 100 OFF coupons you saw on other websites don’t work?

The answer is simple! Since the courses are owned by the Instructors, not Udemy, that means Udemy just can’t give out a UDEMY 100 OFF discount for all courses. It’s up to the Instructors whether they wish to give a course for free or not. That is the main reason you wonder “why did the coupon code you saw on another website just didn’t work”.

Alright don’t be hopeless, there are ways to get an insanely huge number of Udemy courses, and I will show you exactly how to get them. So without a further ado, let’s take a look at how can you get Udemy 100 OFF coupons?

Note: This is not a hack to get paid Udemy Courses for free. This is a legit trick to find all of the free courses in Udemy. Yes, All of them.

How to get UDEMY 100 OFF Coupons for every type of courses?

Well, there is no rocket science involved behind this. We will use Google Dorks to find all of the Free courses. Now you might think, what are these dorks? Simply, Google Dorks are advanced Google Search query used to find information on a website which generally can’t be found in regular Google search query. For instance, if you go and type something like “Free Udemy coupons” or “Udemy 100 off” then you generally see the search results with websites like us. Using Google dorks directly shows you the link to that particular free course.

To look for free courses in your category, simply use this Syntax.

your niche + site:udemy.com inurl:”?couponcode=” -“Buy Now”

Here replace “your niche” with your category. For example, if I have to look for free courses for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I will use

SEO + site:udemy.com inurl:”?couponcode=” -“Buy Now”
UDEMY 100 OFF Courses using Google Dorks.

As you can clearly see all of the links in the search result are from Udemy, not any website like us.  Next, Let’s click a search query and see does it takes us to the free courses or not. For instance, let’s click the #1 result.

UDEMY 100 OFF Coupon gives Free Courses
Udemy 100 Off Free courses.

And Viola, A Free Course.

To get all of the Udemy 100 OFF Courses for your category, all you need to do is to replace the Category in the search string. Let’s take some more example of some more category.

Free Udemy Courses for Game Development:

Game Development + site:udemy.com inurl:”?couponcode=” -“Buy Now”

Free Udemy Courses for Ethical Hacking:

Ethical Hacking + site:udemy.com inurl:”?couponcode=” -“Buy Now”

Udemy 100 OFF Web Developer Course:

Web Developer + site:udemy.com inurl:”?couponcode=” -“Buy Now”

And So On.

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Learn Anything For Free With UDEMY 100 OFF Courses.

So that was all about looking up for all Udemy Free courses using a simple search query. Now that you know the next big thing you want to learn is just a few clicks away, Give us recommendations and your feedback in comments. We love hearing from you!!


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