Play Custom Voice Message On Windows10 Startup

Play A Custom Voice Message On Windows10 when it boots up. And it's damn easy.


If you are reading this article then you might have already noticed that Windows 10 doesn’t make that iconic startup sound which was a trademark of many older versions of windows, finally discontinued on Windows 10. And there are ways to turn on the classic windows startup sound. But what’s more, you can even play a custom voice message on windows10 startup. Yes, you heard it right, your computer will you with a computerized voice note everytime you boot it up.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look how can you Play a custom voice message on Windows10 startup:

Play Custom Voice Message On Windows10 Startup

To make your computer play a custom voice message is not any kind of rocket science it, We will do it by making a Visual Basic File in notepad. So the requirement is Visual Basic, if you don’t have then you can download it here:

Note: I have demonstrated the workability of this method on a Windows 10 System. But same should work for earlier versions of windows too.


1. Firstly, fire up Notepad.

2. Next, copy and paste the following code lines into a Notepad file:

dim speech
welcome=”Welcome, HackSumo”
set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.speak welcome

You can change the “Welcome, HackSumo” message with a message you wish to play as digital voice.

3. Now save the file. Save it with any name of your choice, but make sure you save it as .vbs extension. If you try opening this file now, you should hear your custom message.

4. In order to play this custom voice message on windows10 startup, you need to Paste this file into the Windows Startup folder. So just the Run command (press Windows+R) and type shell:startup

This will open up the Startup folder. Now you can copy your file to this folder.

5. That’s it! Now, restart your PC, you should hear your custom Voice message On Windows10.

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Play Custom Voice Message on Windows10 Startup

So that was how we did it, pretty easy huh!. Now you can go and experiment with all kind of custom voice message you like. Or do a little bit of showoff before friends.. Do you like this trick? feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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