Install Metasploit Framework on Android Devices

World's most popular and powerful pen-testing framework for Android.


Metasploit is unarguably one of the best and popular exploitation tool out there. Here I Will show you how to install Metasploit android on your Smartphone.

Metasploit is neither a hacking tool nor any kind of collection of tool or toolbox. But Rather it’s a framework for penetration testing, which provides you an infrastructure to build your own custom tools. Due to its Free and Open Source license, it has become immensely popular. And with its popularity comes its 2Million users in the community. With so many numbers of regular users and contributors continuously improving the framework, it has become so powerful that it is being used for Military Grade security too.

Metasploit Android lets you simulate real-world attacks to tell you about the weak points and finds them on an Android Phone. As a penetration tester, it pinpoints the vulnerabilities with Nexpose closed-loop integration using Top Remediation reports. Using the open-source Metasploit framework, users can build their own tools and take the best out of.

Install Metasploit Android

While Metasploit is only available for Desktop Platforms like Windows Linux & MacOS. But there is a workaround to install this awesome tool on your smartphone. Yes, You Heard it right, you can turn your smartphone into a hacking machine by installing Metasploit Android. To Install Follow these steps.

  • For installing Metasploit Android. We must have Linux chrooted environment. Like Ubuntu, Backtrack, Kali Linux, etc.
  • Now that most of you don’t know how to Run Linux on You Android Smartphone, Check the tutorial down below to run Linux OS on your Android Device.

After You Have Done With Installing Linux On Your Android Phone, Proceed to the next steps, to install Metasploit Android.

  • Download & Install TERMUX [Play Store] – This is like Terminal for Android
  • Open The Termux App and hit the following commands
apt-get install git
 git clone
cd katoolin

metasploit android

  • Now type 1 and enter
  • Again type 1 hit enter and after processing type 2 and enter (it takes some minutes)
  • Press CTRL + D for exit from script

Now You Can’t Press CTRL, because there aren’t any CTRL Key in Stock Android’s Keyboard. So You Have To Take Help Of Special Keys And use them as CTRL, You can find the special keys.metasploit android

Now the Last Step is Left. To finish the Metasploit Installation Type these commands in Termux.

apt-get install metasploit-framework
  • Now be patient, this can take a long time, depending on your Internet speed. On my 5Mbps Internet speed, It took around 20Minutes to finish the installation.
  • Once Installation is done, open up Metasploit by typing this command


metasploit android
Installation Successful

When You See “Knock Knock Neo” (An Ode to Matrix Movie). You can throw a  Metasploit Party!!


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