free ddos protection
free DDoS Protection

Hack WordPress Admin Account

WordPress is a popular Content management system which runs more than 75million websites on the internet. That’s about 25% of the websites which are...
Best DDoS Protection

9 Best DDOS Protection Services For Your Website

DDOS Attack is one of the most commonly used hacking attack employed to take down a website. DDoS attacks are on the rise and costing...
WiFi hacker apps to hack WiFi in Non-Rooted Android Phones

WiFi Hacker Apps: Hack WiFi Password Using Android Phone Without Root

You might have read a lot of WiFi hacker apps, tutorials, and tricks to hack wifi network and obviously, most of them never gave...
duplicate file finder

6 Best Duplicate File Finder For Windows 10

Duplicate files are one of the most hateful problems in my vision. They clutter the disk, make it harder to find the right file,...
custom voice message on windows10

Play Custom Voice Message On Windows10 Startup

If you are reading this article then you might have already noticed that Windows 10 doesn't make that iconic startup sound which was a...