Best Free DDoS Protection Services

These Free DDoS Protection Services will keep DDoS attack at bay without costing a penny.


DDoS attacks are getting more popular than ever, and they are crossing their magnitude on higher and higher scales. Recently a 1.35TB/s DDoS attack on GitHub showed us how immense these cyber attacks are getting. DDoS attacks are an unequal battle. The attacks themselves have become easier and cheaper to mount with the emergence of cloud infrastructure able to offer a huge number of compromised servers to direct traffic, leaving small websites on the receiving end of these attacks that would once have been reserved for the biggest websites.  And the way to prevent them is by having a DDoS protection implemented on your website or server. While the premium DDoS Protection solutions can cost a fortune, luckily there are many free DDoS protection services as well.

Most Free anti-DDoS services are offered by Hosting companies, to get the DDoS protection for zero cost you will have to buy their Hosting plans, which is equally costing. But there are many standalone services as well, which gives you free DDoS protection without paying for any of their product like Hosting or SSL.

Best Free DDoS Protection Services

These DDoS protection services are completely Free of cost without the need to buy any kind of extra services from them. These services are very different from each other, so at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which company will work out best for you.

1. Google Project Shield

free DDoS Protection

Project Shield is a free DDoS protection service that is offered by Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. It uses Google’s infrastructure to mitigate even sophisticated layer-7 attacks. This is mainly offered to Underresourced Small websites. Since a premium, DDoS Mitigation costs a lot making it harder for small website owners like us to afford.

How to get Project Shield on your website?

Firstly, you will have to Apply for it. Once your application is received and you are flagged as eligible, you will get an activated account which you will log in by using your Google Account, of course. You can get the shield running in less than 15minutes by doing some modification in your DNS records. Once all set up Google will reverse Proxy (with SSL) and start monitoring all the traffic flow to your website, distinguishing Good traffic from Bad ones. For an additional layer of protection Google uses caching, ie. Project shield will keep a copy of your website on its serves, keeping the Website Uptime running even if the original website is compromised.

free ddos protection
When you get hit by a DDoS, Project Shield actively stands in front of your website.

The Cons

But the downside is Project Shield is not for everyone. Google has made clear that the initiative is for “news, human rights, or elections monitoring websites,” which means that general business can’t apply. However, the commercial organizations will be eligible as long as they perform positive information circulation. Firstly, your website should have original content, a substantial number of visitors, worthy content which provides value to the readers. (Ex. Blogs with Tech News). Also, Individuals can’t apply. Sites based in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Crimea are also forbidden to be eligible.

If your website is set up in Google’s Own Services (Ex. Blogger), it won’t be necessary to apply for it, since you are already protected.

Apply for Project Shield

2. Cloudflare

free ddos protection

Cloudflare is certainly the world’s largest DDoS Mitigation service. Along with their world-class Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloudflare has made a name in the industry. This Silicone Valley Giant offers pretty much everything related to website’s security. And what’s more good they offer a Free Tier. Cloudflare’s security bundle offers Distributed DNS, SSL Offloading, Reverse Proxy and Automatic Caching, all for free. Cloudflare’s DDoS protection service had successfully mitigated up to 500Gb/s of attacks in a couple of occasions, so pretty much it gives you an assurance that your site will be up even in most critical layer-7 attacks, which are hard to detect since it only targets a specific area of a website.

How to set up Cloudflare?

Setting up Cloudflare is pretty easy. Firstly you need to do is sign up for a free account, once done just add your website. After your website has been added, Cloudflare will provide you their Nameservers for your website, just put those nameservers on your website, and you are good to go. Within a few minutes, Cloudflare’s free DDoS protection will start guarding your website.

free ddos protection
Cloudflare Dashboard showing stats of Bad Traffic

Why Choosing Cloudflare?

If you are not eligible for Google’s Project Shield, Cloudflare should be your next option, which you will surely be eligible (If your website doesn’t have spammy content). Also, it gives you a plethora of other premium features like Free SSL, Caching, Firewall, Optimized Website Speed (with its CDN). In Case you are hit by a DDoS, Cloudflare promises to stand between your website and malicious traffic, irrespective of the size and magnitude of the attack.

PS – is also guarded by Cloudflare.

Visit Cloudflare

3. Cloudbric

Cloudbric is another free DDoS protection service developed by the South Korean company named Penta Security. It is a PCI certified service which gives some features which you won’t even get in Cloudflare such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Custom SSL (you don’t get this feature even in many premium DDoS mitigation services).

free ddos protection
How Cloudbric Protects your website?

Setting up Cloudbric is very easy and almost similar to Cloudflare (if not identical), only difference it offers an Automatic setup procedure where you don’t have to do much manual work, hence making the work much easier and hassle-free.

free ddos protection Apart from WAF, Custom SSL and Free DDoS protection, Cloudbric also offers login protection and a logic-based firewall which protects your website from SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), website defacement and identity theft, using its hardware WAPPLES based core technology.

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4. Google Firebase

free ddos protection

Now, this is an unorthodox service which is not exactly a dedicated DDoS mitigation Solution. Rather it’s a Free Hosting Platform from Google especially designed to host Cloud-Based Mobile Applications and Static Websites. It gives a free Hosting of 5GB storage and 10GB bandwidth per month where you can host your website. What makes it special is that it gives the Google Project Shield’s Free DDoS protection on it’s hosting platform. So basically, you get Google Project Shield on your website without going through the difficult eligibility criteria. You get all of the extra features like Free SSL and WAF.

Apart from Hosting Websites, you can host mobile applications (for which it’s specially designed for) it seamlessly integrates with cloud platform and gives all necessary features like Analytics, Client Side code authentication by supporting social logins, Real-time Database and Revenue earning by Google AdMob.

How to deploy your website on firebase?

Now, this is a bit tricky since firebase neither offers cPanel nor it supports FTP. So you will have to Push the source files of your website to Firebase by using Node-Package-Manager. After adding A Records to your DNS (as instructed in firebase console), your website will be hosted on Firebase under the umbrella of it’s insanely secure DDoS Protection.

The Cons

As we discussed Firebase only lets you host static websites and it’s the greatest downside, that means you will never be able to host dynamic sites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. (Basically you can’t host a website on which you can post regularly ex. a blog). Another downside is everytime you want to make a change to your static website, you will have to change it offline on your PC and then push into firebase using NPM (Node package manager)

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Defeat DDoS Easily Using Free DDoS Protection Services

With the ever-increasing rate of cybercriminals and relative easiness to launch a DDoS attack, there is always a looming phobia on small websites because of inability to afford premium DDoS mitigations. These Free solutions will guard your websites against DDoS attacks and malicious traffic, obscuring the looming phobia you always had. There are many Free DDoS protection services but these are the Best 4 as I found after a rigorous research and testing on them.


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