FRANZ: All in One Chat App For WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype And More

Franz is an awesome Chat App which lets you access all of your Instant Messaging Services like FaceBook WhatsApp And Skype from a single window. Amazing Huh?


These days, Instant Messaging is more mobile than ever, If you are a Basic IM User then you must have WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger or Maybe Twitter, Skype for Video Chat While the business persons got Linkedin. Some of the folks standout from mainstream chat app are using services like Telegram, HipChat, Trello, Discord etc. And then there are team communication solutions like Slack.

But what if you want to access all the services you use right from your Desktop while you’re working, without checking on the cellphone. Well, that’s certainly more convenient and to solve this problem most chat app made their desktop client (Ex. Telegram) or Web Portals (Ex. WhatsApp) but again you have to switch between your web browser and the desktop client if you are using these two.

But Wait, Wouldn’t It Be Super Awesome If You Can Access All Of Your Services From A Single Place On Your Desktop??. Well, You Heard It Right. That’s Where FRANZ: Chat App comes handy.

FRANZ: 1 Chat App, 15+ Messenger Services

Platform: Windows7 or Newer, Linux, OsX 10.9 or Newer

The strength of Franz is in numbers – it supports more than fifteen messaging services, from well-known ones like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter to Skype, Linkedin and even some of the new services like Hipchat and Trello. Franz is an all in one solution. If you have to use multiple messaging services, but don’t want a dozen different chat app, Franz just might be perfect for you.

chat app
Services Available in Franz

How Franz Works:

The way Franz works is simple, but also a bit disappointing. It’s not really a desktop app; rather, it’s a wrapper for the web interface of each messaging service. Basically, using Franz is like using a stripped-down web-browser that keeps messaging services running in their respective tabs. This lowers the app size and memory footprint. But Hey, You Are Able To Use All Your Messaging Service From a Single Window.

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Franz Dashboard

Nevertheless, Franz gives some pleasing features. Apart from sending instant messages to your friends, you can also use it to check email with Gmail and OutlookDesktop notifications will alert you of new messages. I found the best feature of Franz is you can use multiple accounts of the same service concurrently. Yes, this means you can – finally! – switch between your multiple email accounts in one window.

Download Franz

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