BTC Miner: Mine Bitcoins Using Google Chrome

After reading this tutorial, you will be able to turn your web browser into a btc miner.


BTC miner is booming all over after the surge in BTC Exchange rates, Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin Investment. While Most BTC Miners are resource intensive software which takes a lot of GPU/CPU power and slows down your PC. And Then There is BTC Miner hardware which does mine bitcoins at a decent pace but nevertheless, they are a dedicated machine, and they cost a lot.

Then there are BTC mining pools, which does give a nice payout but the process is snail-paced unless the whole pool doesn’t mine a block, you don’t get your share. But what if I told you there are ways to turn your Web-browser into a formidable BTC miner, in which you share the processing power by your web-browser to mine some bitcoins. Well, You can do this for FREE, without the need for any plans, unlike cloud mining.

Turn your Web-Browser into a BTC Miner offers Bitcoin mining using your web browser without the need for software. This is a great way to mine generous amounts of Bitcoin without the typical Bitcoin mining software or hardware setup.

  • Mine Bitcoin using your CPU.
  • You get to choose how many Cores you want to use for mining.
  • Here you can earn bitcoins online by solving Captchas.
  • Multiply your BTC earnings.
  • No-minimum Payouts.
  • Transfer to your Blockchain bitcoin Wallet as soon as you get balance.
  • Free bitcoins every hour.
BTC Miner
Web-Browser BTC Miner Dashboard

Sign up for a free miner account at for free and start Bitcoin mining!

Well, this works with every web-browsers out there, but personally, I’ve found out Google Chrome as the best one with respect to a balanced between hash solving speeds and system resource consuming.

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Do you know any other websites through which you can earn some decent amount of bitcoins? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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