10 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

Poor Internet Connection shouldn't kill your gaming fun. Check out these 10 offline shooting games for Android Devices.


Slow internet connection is nothing less than frustrating for those who are into Android gaming. Especially, when these games don’t even work without an active internet connection. Luckily, Play Store has some of the best offline shooting games from snipers to zombie shooters, which you can try out.

To cut the long story short, here is our pick for 10 best offline shooting games for Android Devices:

1. Cover FireCover Fire is one of the Best Looking offline shooting games for Android

With stunning 3D graphics, Cover Fire is one of the best looking Offline shooting games available on Play Store. Offering a large number of characters and plethora of Weapons, this explosive action-packed game looks more like a PC game. Like any realistic modern warfare, you get to choose your own army with every private on your battalion with its own unique abilities. Being the commander it’s up to you to lead your army to total victory.

Overall, this Third person shooter is a very nice looking game in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Although it’s graphics demands some decent specs under the hood of your smartphone.

Download Cover Fire

2. Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is an Offline Shooting Games with Amazing Graphics

Overkill 3 is another third person shooter. Just like Cover Fire, this offline shooting games also features 3D graphics which makes it looks like a PC Game. Unlike the previous entry on our list, it doesn’t feature any military-style campaigns, but rather it lets you play through the various different levels with increasing difficulty. Just like good old level-up games, it also features Boss Battles, which will challenge even the pro gamers in demand of quick reflexing controls. This futuristic sci-fi style game also comes with a load of weapons and gun customization options.

You can either play the story mode or the single player mode against A.I. which works offline. However, the multiplayer mode would either require a local Wi-Fi hotspot or internet connectivity. Overkill 3 is certainly a must play offline shooting game for Android.

Download Overkill 3

3. Sniper X With Jason Statham

Officially Voiced by Action Star Jason Statham, this Sniper game requires you to take out bad guys with extreme accuracy. In this offline shooter, you are part of elite special forces named “Spear”. Commanded by Jason himself you get to destroy the Terrorist organization. And it’s pretty cool teaming up Jason Statham, while he gives you voice instructions to accomplish missions.

This Offline shooting games also pretty lightweight. If you are having the sniper spirit running on your nerves then this is what you should try, after all this game is developed by famous game studio GLU.

Download Here

4. Unkilled

Unkilled is an Offline Zombie Shooter Game

Unkilled is a First Person Shooter game where you have to kill as many zombies as you can. There are more than 40 different types of weapons of the different class from the sniper, Assault rifles to machine guns. It also offers plenty of skins, ensuring you to be best dressed killing machine in the zombie apocalypse. There are 3 modes to choose from, campaign mode offers you a good amount of gameplay while in the skirmish mode you will have to survive the overpowering attack of hordes of zombies. There’s also a multiplayer mode to take the shooting rampage to the global level.

If you want to play a zombie shooter with ridiculously insane graphics then this is the best offline shooting games you can get.

Download Unkilled

5. Into The Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the dead is another Offline Zombie Shooter

This award-winning editor’s choice game is unlike any other game in this list. It’s an endless runner mixed with the First person shooting. This game revolves around a storyline where you have to save your family from a zombie apocalypse while surviving in a fields/streets of undead creatures. Either you can evade zombies in endless running through zombie-infested fields or you can kill them with a variety of weapons while running. You also get a Canine companion to help you out in your race.

Personally, I have been playing this offline shooting games for a long time and it’s super addictive and awesome. If you are a fan of endless running games then this is the game you must play.

Download Into The Dead 2

6. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets is an American cowboy themed laughable shooting game. With Boring Stories, Easy controls. Gameplay and in-game characters will force you to laugh. While shooting experience will ask you for some fast reflex reaction.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there are 3 locations, 50 levels, 4 minigames, about 200 missions, 31 achievements, upgradable equipment, trendy dubstep music, fully destroyable environmental objects, all mixed in a hilarious endless shooter. If you are in a hunt for a lightweight and exciting game then this offline shooting games is for you.

Download Mad Bullets

7. Lone Wolf (18+)

Lone Wolf is an offline shooting games recommended for 18+

Disclaimer: This game isn’t suitable for children.

Lone wolf is an intense sniper shooter game, except the graphics this game has been made as realistic as possible from Gun recoils to in-game character behaviors. In this game, you are the member of a secret assassin gang “Assembly” where you get to brutally shoot the adversaries, often meet with Moral conflicts.

This realistic sniper game will require you to take toughest decisions of your life by challenging your morals on each step. With 5hours+ story mode and 30+ missions, this offline shooting games is one of the most brutal and serious sniper shooters out there.

Download Lone Wolf

8. Dead Effect 2

With Console Quality graphics and Editor’s Choice award Dead Effects: 2 is an action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements. In this game, you have to smart zombies (Sounds strange?), with a plethora of deadly weapons. This game offers 30+ hours of gameplay, Great storyline and Stunning graphics this offline shooting games is the perfect way to kill your time by shooting those horrific bastards.

If you are all about great graphics and sci-fi then this is the strongest choice you can make. But, the heavy graphics requires some good specifications on your device to run smoothly.

Download Dead Effect 2

9. Hitman: Sniper (Paid)

Hitman: Sniper is an offline shooting games which actually focuses on assassination through a sniper rifle.

Ever played Hitman Video Game for PC or Watched Hitman movie? It’s main character Agent: 47 is now lurking on Google play to assassinate some enemies with a sniper rifle. This is not a fast-paced action game, but rather it’s a stealthy strategy based game, where you set up your gears over a building and eliminate all of your targets one by one by choosing which strategy will fit for you.

Personally, I have been playing this offline shooting games for a year and I can’t get enough of it. Amazing graphics, marvelous gameplay, deadly weapons, accurate controls and immense fun makes it so worthy to buy. I mean, come on it just costs half a dollar (you pay for your lunch more than this) and in return, you are getting best sniper shooter on play store.

Buy Hitman Sniper ($0.49)

10. Shadowgun (Paid)

offline shooting games for android phones

Shadowgun is another Third Person Shooter game, but what makes it different than other shooter games is that it is highly inspired from Gears of War Series, and gameplay is also quite similar. In this game, you are in the role of Bounty hunter John Slade, on your journey into the galaxies while killing enemies in intense tactical combat to earn a bounty.

Featuring Stunning console quality graphics, mini hacking games, advanced combat A.I., and solid controls, this tactical offline shooting games is pretty worthy of your money.

Buy Shadowgun ($4.99)

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Wreck havoc with these offline shooting games for Android

You don’t have to burn your data plan or be dependent on blazing fast internet connection anymore because we bring you the best offline shooting games for Android. So at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which offline shooter fascinate you most. Let us know in the comments. We love hearing from you!

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