10 Best Android Camera Apps For Free

Best Android Camera Apps for free to give you a photographic and videographic experience like never before.


We live in an era where there is no specific purpose of carrying a separate dedicated camera, but we carry a remarkable camera right in our pockets. Nowadays we mostly rely on our smartphone camera to capture pictures and videos. However, the stock camera of your smartphone doesn’t boast a ton of features, especially for the users who like to play with manual controls. This is quite of an issue for Android devices. Luckily, there are many Camera Apps for free available on Play Store.

So, we turn our heads to Play Store to look for some Cool Camera Apps for Free, that are equipped with plenty of features to give you the best shot you desire.

Best Android Camera Apps For Free

Note: I have tested all of these camera apps on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 (rooted), running Android Oreo 8.1 and they were working seamlessly.

1. Google Camera

This is a Google app which lets you experience what the company that designs Android thinks a camera app should be. With a simplistic interface and crisp picture quality, this small app consumes very little resource but packs an effective set of features.camera-apps-for-free

It offers some pleasant features including Lens Blur, Slow Motion, Photo Spheres, Video Stabilization and lot more.

The only downside is compatibility since it’s only available for Android 7.0 Nougat or better, which only a fraction of Android device is running on. Otherwise, it’s a great camera apps for free and it’s worth a look-see before moving on to other camera apps.

Download Google Camera

2. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 Brings DSLR’s flexibility to Android phones. Specially designed for Professionals and photography enthusiasts it offers various DSLR Features. Its a highly featured camera app with pretty neat and intuitive interface.

Emulating various DSLR features it lets you manually adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO, light metering, focus, white balance, and more. If you are a passionate photographer, this is the best camera apps for free you can get, mainly because it offers a notable feature “It lets you capture RAW pictures (DNG), which really mean a lot if you are a DSLR photographer.

3. Motion Stills (by Google AI Research)

Motion Still is a camera app by Google Research. Its mainly built to capture short videos, and turn them into looping GIFs, beautiful stable videos, cinematic panoramas or high-speed videos. The most prime feature of this app is, it implements Augmented Reality to add augment figures to your snaps.

camera apps for freeIt’s not useful for taking photos, neither it was made for this. However, its the only app available with this kind of capabilities. Overall it’s a pretty nice camera app to have. Beware: It’s pretty buggy sometimes.

Download Motion Stills

4. Z Camera

Z Camera in an elegant camera app for wild effects and boasts heap of editing tools. Like many other camera apps, it features real-time filter effects, HDR mode, Tilt-shift for lens flare, Beauty Selfie and an inbuilt photo editor. It’s nothing special, what’s special is that it has a huge collection of effects to add some cool and unique effects to your pictures.

camera apps for freeIt features, Normal and Augmented Reality powered stickers, Magical effects of different styles, funny face swap features, Fashionable hairstyles editor, Kinds of special collage templates, Styles of super sexy makeup effects, Muscle building & 3D tattoo effects, Body & face shape selfie editor, Stylish eye makeup stickers and many more. Certainly one of the best camera apps for free if you are a fan of wild edited pictures.

It’s free but there are some in-app purchases.

Download Z Camera

5. Google Cardboard Camera

Cardboard camera is a camera app for Virtual Reality Devices like Google Cardboard. With it, you can snap 360-degree photos. Which is very similar to Panorama pictures, except it goes all the way around.

camera apps for freeYou will need a Google Cardboard or any other VR Viewer to enjoy its 360-degree VR photos, VR photos let you experience scenery and sound in every direction and in 3D, making near things look near, and far things look far. Thankfully, Google Cardboard and other VR Viewers are Dirt-cheap and The App is entirely free. Again its a nice little camera apps for free to have on your phone. It’s a pretty smart app.

Download Cardboard Camera

6. Camera MX

If you are an average user and Google Camera isn’t compatible with your phone then this is the camera app you should be looking at. It’s a full-featured app which hands you complete control of resolution, ensuring sharp and crispy looking photos and videos.

 Some notable features worth mentioning

  • High-Quality Pictures: With Resolution and Ratio Control, Fine Tuned Auto-Focus, HDR and Low Light Mode
  • Innovative Video Recording: Timelapse Videos, Pause anytime and apply video cuts mid-recording, Apply live filters in videos and even change them while recording
  • Shoot-The-Past Burst Mode: Take many Burst Shot pictures and automatically shows you which picture is best (or you can select it manually).
  • Enhanced Camera Features: Focus and Exposure Lock, Manual change exposure, Timer Delayed Shots.
  • Live Photos: iPhone-Style Live Photos.
  • Geo-Tagging.
  • GIF Maker.
  • Inbuilt Photo and Video Editor.
  • Tons of preset effects and filters.

All these features within a clean and snappy interface make it a decent all-in-one solution. Recently this camera apps for free has been immensely popular among newbie users.

Download Camera MX

7. Cymera

Cymera is mainly focused on mainstream selfie and beautification trend. Equipped with a bunch of filters, stickers and special effects this camera app is quite popular among Hipsters.

camera apps for freeIt has all different kind of lenses and a beauty mode, which add, remove or manipulates body and facial features like Jawline, Eye shapes etc. Even though we are not a big fan of such dramatic alterations. It also has a photo editor for minor editing.

The app is free to download with some in-app purchases.

Download Cymera


This app has been around for a long time. It lets you capture photos with Mobile and Film Inspired presets and edit them on the fly. It also boasts advanced camera controls (not advanced as DSLR Emulated controls). VSCO editor lets you edit photos with manual adjustments for Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Curves, Shadows etc. It’s a pretty neat camera app free for users who prefer realistic photos rather than filter based effects.
camera apps for freeBut what makes it quite a popular is its Social community, which is built around the App. VSCO’s online photography community is inbuilt within the app which lets you discover artworks, follow and become friends with other photographers around the world.

Key Features: Great film based filters and photo editing features, with a social network to share your and discover other’s creative artwork on a global platform.

Download VSCO

9. Open Camera

This free and open source camera app has been a choice for serious and amateur photographers since a long time. With 10Million+ downloads it’s also one of the most popular camera apps in Play Store. It includes serious features and DSLR emulating functions like camera FV-5 (#2 entry on our list), the only difference is it’s completely free, with no in-app purchase and advertising.camera apps for freeYou get to do manual adjustments for various focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock and face detection. It too supports capturing RAW photos (DNG), Dynamic Range Optimization, Geotagging, and timestamp. You can also configure the photo-capture experience with two choices, volume controls or voice activation.

With HDR mode, exposure bracketing, Auto-Stabilizer, and support for an external microphone, its one of the best camera apps for free for Videographers also. Additionally, its interface is well optimized for both left hand and right-hand photographers.

It’s really worth of giving a try.

Download Open Camera

10. Whatever camera app your phone has.

Your device like every other android device comes with a preloaded camera app. Which the phone manufacturer had specially developed for that particular smartphone model, keeping in mind every aspect of phone’s hardware potential, compatibility and everything else. Therefore you should give your default camera app a nice try. Moreover, the stock camera boasts features which other camera apps don’t. For instance, top end models of LG makes whatever is focused glow green, hence you can easily see where exactly your camera is focused.

However, you can always try these listed camera apps to expand the set of features of your smartphone’s optics.

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Take Outstanding Pictures with these camera Apps for free.

No matter how powerful optics your smartphone boasts, in the end, it always comes to a perfect camera app to take a remarkable picture. Even though Play Store has thousands of Photography apps, but few are worth to try. With the best camera apps listed here, you can choose which camera app will work out best for you and go shooting some pictures let it be a jazzed up portraits, funky masked selfie or a perfect moment to capture for a lifetime.

Do you know any other good camera apps for free? or did you had fun using any of these listed here? Do let us know in the comment section down below.

Image Source: Google Play Store


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