Android P (9.0) Developer Preview

Google Released Android P teasers on the date puzzle of it's upcoming I/O Conference, dropping some hints about its name and features.


So far merely a microscopic minority (0.7%) of Android users have been switched to Android 8.0 Oreo. And Google has already started teasing the Android users with Android P or Android 9.0. For the upcoming IO conference, which will be around May 10. Google has already dropped some hints that the Codename of Next version of Android will be something derived from a Pineapple Cake.

Android P
Android P might be turn out to Android Pineapple or Pineapple Pie

As per the annual tradition of Google, the Android P might be a spring release in March, And Easter Egg discovery By XDA’s Editor in chief Mishaal Rahman confirms that a Developer Preview might be on the way.

What Features To Expect in Android P

So far, the details about newer features of Android P isn’t fully known. But one aspect of Google is likely to push strongly is the security against malware and the recently discovered CPU exploits (Meltdown Spectre).Google might build intrinsic features to prevent malicious Apps and give users higher control over the privacy of devices (which is strange for a company which sells user data to advertising agencies), by simplifying out the permission controls in Android P.

Rumours and Speculation are Google might adopt Artificial Intelligence and software-based deep learning to make Android experience more pleasant. Smartphone Maker Xiaomi has already announced that its Next Version of MIUI will be more emphasised on AI and Machine Learning, it would be more than pleasing to see the same in stock Android.

With some of the features is already guessed, surprise release of a developer preview might not surprise us that much. But as we know that Google is pretty good at hiding things, so it would be hard to guess what features are actually included.

Android 9.0 might be called Android Pineapple or Pineapple Pie. But who knows if it’s another trick the dessert makers of Google has played on us.

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