10 Best Site To Learn Linux Effortlessly

We provided 10 best site to learn Linux Platform online and what's more - It's Free.


Linux Torvalds – The founder of Linux, once said that “Linux is a pretty damn easy and simple operating system, but it takes a genius to understand that simplicity“. Well, I strongly support this statement, In fact, Linux is oversimplified. But a Windows-dominated computer world has pulled peoples far away from Command Line Interface (CLI).. aah! remember the good old days of MS-DOS?? Anyways that’s a story for another day. This transition into total GUI dependency has earned Linux a stereotype image of a complicated OS with the steep learning curve that only brainy nerds can handle.

But now those days are gone, now anyone can learn Linux, with the evolution of the internet, we now have access to a gargantuan amount of high-quality learning resources, on some of the best site to learn Linux. But still, Linux does ask for some technicalities like CLI and an entirely different viewpoint towards software. Especially if you were an obsessed windows user, but it’s not that much hard.

We have compiled a list of a few best site to learn Linux online. These websites have some great resources to let you learn Linux online for free and effortlessly.

10 Free & Best Site to Learn Linux

These are the Best Site to learn Linux Platform online and for free.

1. Compute Freely

If it’s your first day in Linux or you are thinking to switch to Linux, Compute freely gives you enough reasons, why you should migrate to Linux. Since it’s targeting users with little knowledge or interest in Linux, you won’t dig much deeper. While the pros are, compute freely makes you understand with simplified explanations about the potential of FOSS (Free and Open Source) and which Linux Distributions will work out best for you or simply some Free Linux alternatives for windows software. Ex GIMP as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop, Blender as an alternative to video and graphics studios like Adobe After Effects or Autocad. Currently, it has resources to learn the basics of around 27 Linux Distros.

best site to learn linux

If you have absolutely zero knowledge of Linux, this is certainly the best website for you.

Visit Compute Freely

2. ULNG – Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

ULNG is a great website to learn Linux, especially if you are a beginner. With a simple and easy to understand lessons, ULNG Provides chapter based resources. You can either go through the chapters one by one or directly go to the chapter you wish to read.

It provides the basic stuff like Choosing your first Linux Distro, How to install the OS, Installing Softwares, Managing Files, and Directories in Linux, Command Line, Free eBooks and lot more. While the site is totally free but you can also buy some specific Paid Courses if you are wishing to learn some advanced stuff like SysAdmin Course (Which can potentially help you make a career with Linux).

It’s not a vast guide but you get almost all of the important concepts necessary for getting started with Linux. Even If you are not a beginner, you can still be a regular visitor, as they give some great tips and news about Linux. I personally visit this website regularly.

Visit ULNG

3. Linux Guide by MakeUseOf

This is a single page guide to Linux, and it pretty much contains everything to need. Especially in the stage between the first day on Linux – When you want to go deeper in Linux. If you are in a rush to install the Linux and learn some of its basics like detailed steps on how to install Linux, how to locate and open apps, install and uninstallation, introduction to the terminal with some basic commands.

Visit here

4. Geek University Guide to Linux

Geek University hosts hundreds of tech-related free courses, if not thousands. It has a Linux Guide which starts straight from “What is Linux”, covering all of the basic and beginner related topics and lands at the intermediate level.

best site to learn linux

But that’s not the end, It goes beyond intermediate level and digs deeper into Linux, like Using Shell in Linux (Detailed Guide), Process Managing and Purging, Package Installations, User and Permissions management, Networking, Disk configuration and some pretty useful miscellaneous topics.

You can either read the chapters of the guide sequentially or simply move onto any chapter you want to read.

Visit GeekUniversity

5. Resources on Specific Linux Distributions

best site to learn Linux

Arch Linux Wiki

This Linux distro is often considered as most advanced and difficult to install and use. Not certainly an Operating System but rather its a Framework, which you can customize with the Kernel modules, Desktop Environment, Boot Manager etc. of your choice. Consider Arch Linux as your own house with your own plan and ideas. Where you are the engineer, designer, builder, and also the maintainer.

This Beginner’s Guide is an amazing resource which will make your installation pretty easier. It also consists System Management Tips and List of Applications in Arch Linux, to help you maintain your system, post installation.

The Debian Administrator’s Handbook

This Handbook is a renowned and resourceful guide, if you want to be a Linux System Administrator or simply want to go deeper into Debian. This Handbook gives plenty of Debian related stuff like Installation, Packaging, Setting Up Servers, Networking, Troubleshooting and pretty much everything else. You can also download in PDF Format.

Debian Also has a Wiki Documentation.

Other Wiki Documentations are Ubuntu Help, openSUSE Leap, Manjaro Linux, Fedora, GentooCentOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

6. Command-Line Interface (CLI) Tutorialsbest site to learn Linux

The CLI Crash Course

This is a rapid fast crash course which can make you Learn Linux Command Line in a matter of few days. Since Crash Courses doesn’t cover every single detail, you don’t expect to find every single Linux command – but hey, that’s not its purpose. You get to learn all the basics about Linux CLI and how to get started with Terminal.

Learning the Shell

This is a 10 chapter guide in which you can learn all the important concepts about Command Line. I found it the best place to lean Command line because of its unique learning system. The exercises are presented as question answers, with a simulated terminal where you can type in a command and see its output.

7. Linux.com

Linux.com isn’t merely a tutorial and explainer website, but it also keeps you updated with News, Apps and everything going on in Linux World. It also has an awesome community. You can learn Tutorials, Tips, and Solutions to your various queries and issue about Linux.

best site to learn Linux

Linux.com also has a section named “New User Guide” which is loaded with How to’s and their solutions. I found it the best site to learn Linux if you wish to get involved in all about Linux, right from the start.

This website collaborates with The Linux Foundation (The best Linux Organization on the Internet)


8. Free Technology Academy

Certainly, one of the best site to learn Linux. Even though it offers free courses for Linux. But mostly it’s all about Free and Open Source Softwares (FOSS), you get to learn how to develop FOSS, how to generate revenue from them and how to make them reach your targeted users.

best site to learn Linux

In the context of learning Linux, you can choose their Basic Course, which is obviously Free. In this course, you learn the installation process, and how to use it with concepts and even some command line interface. There is an advanced course too, which is also free. This course is more about advanced stuff like Managing and Configuring Linux. You can download their eBook Format for Free.

Visit Free Technology Academy

9. Learn Linux 101 by IBM

IBM issues a certification named Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC). Similar to any other professional certification program you have to pass their test to get the certificate which will aid you in your career growth. LPIC has various levels and topics of varying complexity.

Best Site To Learn Linux

Even though the Certification program isn’t free, but you get a bunch of free tutorials to prepare for those exams needed to get LPIC certificate. Tutorials are available in Downloadable PDF Format on various topics like Linux installation, Terminal & CLI, Package management, Setting up output devices like Display & Printers, Networking and lot more.

Visit here

10. Linux Tutorials By DigitalOcean

Unlike most other websites and resources listed here which lets you learn from Basics, DigitalOcean is more into advanced level tutorials like Linux Terminal and CLI, Navigation and File Management, Linux Permissions, Input-Output Redirection, how to set up servers, how to manage and process services and lot more.

Certainly its not for beginners, but rather for users who are already using Linux and want to dig deeper into System Administration and Coding. There are loads of courses, tutorials, and eBooks. In Many Languages

Visit DigitalOcean


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So don’t be afraid to Get a Linux distribution, download a tutorial and take your first steps with Linux. Becoming a Linux guru is an extremely useful skill and have a lot of career scopes as well as can develop your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Anyways, whatever the reason sparked ur interest in Linux, you have these best site to learn Linux Effortlessly.


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